Hugo Movie Analysis

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Dreams as a Life Sustaining Force in Hugo
By Nanda Joylal

Martin Scorsese’ 2011 movie, “Hugo”, traces a young boy’s attempt at deciphering a message he believes is left by his late father and how in the path he encounters a string of people connected by chance. Hugo (Asa Butterfield), left an orphan in an unkind world with only a broken automaton linking him to the past holds on to it with all the tenacity of a desperate child. The uncovering of the automaton’s secret is the dream which propels him forward in his solitary existence without warmth or affection. He works with the singular goal of repairing the machine, and this keeps at bay the fears and insecurities which inevitably take root in a young mind left to fend for
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In him, we see a man who has succumbed to fate or whatever unseen force which aids or destroys dreams that sustain life. Similar to a broken machine, he is left in a vacuum, stuck and unmoving, unable to find or fulfil his purpose.
For Isabelle, her dreams are derived from her wonderland of books, dreams of adventure and startling secrets. Living a comparatively sheltered life, her interest is piqued when she meets the 12 year old Hugo with his many mysteries. It doesn’t take her long to secure a place in Hugo’s adventure and in the process fulfil her own dream. These two children in the movie with their innocence and complete belief in their dream, invite the audience to think about their own dreams and its significance in their lives. In a way, the movie takes you back to your childhood, when holding on to dreams was easier than letting
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The station inspector Gustave (Sacha Baron Cohen) who struggles to win Lisette’s affection, the developing love story between Madame Emilie (Frances de la Tour) and Monsieur Frick (Richard Griffiths) both possess an undercurrent of blossoming dreams.
The intersecting paths of Hugo ad Georges Melies act as the catalyst in bringing about a happy ending with the latter being able to gain pride in his works and recognition as a brilliant artist. On the path towards fulfillment of his dream, Hugo collects and repairs the broken bits of Georges’ long extinguished dreams.
Towards the end of the movie, Georges invites his audience to dream with him as they experience the magic that movies cast on them. The magic,that we experience while watching Hugo, from the beginning till the end. It is without doubt, a moving story captured masterfully by a talented team of
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