A Clean Well Lighted Place Analysis Essay

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Yunhwa Michael Lee
Dr. Linda Gill
English 102
18 April 2016
A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Analysis Essay One thing that is significantly considered in our lives is marriage. There are some people who prefer to live alone. However, a great number of people think that marriage is a common thing in their lives. In the case of people who prefer getting marriage, they will have two different perspectives towards the happiness from living with their spouses as the condition changes. There are two different conditions, living with their spouses and living without their spouses after marriage. As we all know, death is inevitable to human beings. After their spouses pass away, the way they feel happy must be changed, because one of the biggest factors
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Since the cafe is bright due to the light, the cafe seems pleasant; however, the light creates also shadow of the leaves simultaneously. Furthermore, the story proceeded at night, so it is very quite as there is the only customer, who is old deaf man. And the quietness makes cafe the place where is a good place to be alone at dark lonely night. Due to this time setting and the limited number of characters, the old man’s loneliness is considered more significant. Like the old man wants to stay in cafe until late night, the old waiter also understands how the old man feels in a dark, but in a light place. Even if the cafe is so bright with a light, the old man and the old waiter feel not good as others because their wives all passed away. Otherwise, the young waiter just wants to go back to home because his wife is waiting for hime at home. Since the young waiter still has his wife, he cannot understand the reason why the old man and the old waiter want to stay at cafe longer. After the cafe is closed, the young waiter goes back to home as soon as possible, but the old waiter stops by other cafe. The other cafe that the old waiter stopped by is the second setting in this story. This cafe is not as bright as his cafe. That is why he gets more lonely and eventually, he mumbles Nada, which shows everything is null to him. In reality, the old waiter needed bright and
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