Analysis: Gender Inequality In Art

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Dancey Gray 1LaTeefah Dancey GrayProfessor Dean FeldmanIntroduction to Humanities 110123 April 2016The Guerrilla Girls and the fight against gender inequalityGender inequality has always been a topic purposely overlooked. An anonymous group ofwomen who called themselves the Guerrilla Girls, set out to draw attention to sexism and racismhappening in the art culture. Whether it involved posters or paintings, these girls were determinedto draw attention to the problem with intent for change. One of my favorite posters by the GuerrillaGirls is titled, “Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?” (506). It explains howsuch a small percentage of artists in modern art are women but a large percentage of nude art isalso women. The postmodern era followed the era of modernism. By this time, many things hadchange in the art culture. Although many changes had taken place, things were far from perfect.There were still some issues that needed to be resolved. One issue that needed change was genderinequality.Although the postmodern era came after the era of modernism, it seems to be a step backfrom what modernism was supposed…show more content…
They wanted equality for women of all races. We needwomen such as them fighting for our rights. We can learn so much from the Guerrilla Girls just bybrowsing through their art selections. Their art may have not been the most appropriate form ofart but it was no worse than the nudity women were used for.The Guerrilla Girls are still active today. Although they try to continue to remainanonymous, they still continue to be advocates for women’s rights and equality. A simple internetsearch can show their past and present work. Gender inequality was a big problem which wasoverlooked for so long. The Guerrilla Girls took a chance and a stand to let the world know ourvalue. Women like them prompted the change for equality. Though women still encounterproblems, things are much barter than they
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