Sarah Goldrick Rab And Broton Analysis

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Struggles of a College Student
Have you ever come across someone who is homeless and hungry? Everyone has most of us look and ignore, or judge them without even noticing what they could need. Those people we are ignoring could be college students that got in the position they are in because they were so dedicated to their education. College students going hungry and homeless is what authors Sarah Goldrick- Rab and Katharine Broton explored in their article “Hungry, Homeless and in College”. In the article by Goldrick- Rab and Broton, they elaborate on all the expenses that college students have; however, they do not explain ways to prevent and fix this issue.
The article “Hungry, Homeless and in College” by Sarah Goldrick- Rab and Katharine Broton was about the vast amount of students who have to choose between college and food and shelter. Firstly, they introduce Brooke Evans, the girl that Sarah initially heard about. Through the tough situation, Brooke Evans was going through, she would be hungry because she had no money for food and had no stable place to live. Brooke Evans was a college student and due to her lack of funds had to choose between her education and her livelihood. Evans sparked a flame in Goldrick- Rab and Broton. Correspondingly, Goldrick- Rab and Broton wanted to know how
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This article shows the readers that you do not just worry about paying for college they also have so much more to worry about. All the other expenses are what put the students in tough situations. The authors could have elaborated on how the students could persevere through the situations and how we could help. Overall, “Hungry, Homeless and in College” explained that students have tons of extra expenses and did not explain how to fix this
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