Analysis I Carry Your Heart With Me

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I Carry your Heart with Me... is bound to give you butterflies and sweet thoughts. E.E. Cummings is a very thoughtful writer who intrigues his readers into his writing. In the sonnet, I Carry your Heart with Me... Cummings depicts the sense of everlasting love by the use of figurative language. Cummings uses personification to apply the effect of love upon his readers. The lines from the poem show how loved the woman is. On line 9 E.E. Cummings states, “whatever a sun will always sing is you.” (Cummings 9) This statement is saying that the sun sings, when in reality it does not. The excerpt applies that the woman is so deeply loved that the sun sings for her. We all look at love differently, but Cummings proceeds to create love in a unique way as it “grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide.” (Cummings 13) The love that he has for…show more content…
He has fallen in love with this woman and these metaphors are here to portray that. The second stanza is a great example, “ you are my fate, my sweet … for beautiful you are my world … you are whatever a moon has always meant …” (Cummings 6-8) By writing this stanza E.E. Cummings is continuously expressing his deep love and what she means to him. The woman is his fate and world, which means that Cummings thinks very highly of her. E.E. Cummings speaks a great deal about carrying a woman’s heart around with him and that the woman will always be with him, this part of figurative language also sculpts the affection he feels towards her throughout the poem. “i carry your heart with me …” (Cummings 1 & 15) Since you cannot actually carry a heart around it shows the use of an idiom. An idiom is an expression that does not mean exactly what it says. The usage of this type of figurative language in the poem is to show the readers that the woman will be forever with him in his heart without having to state it word for
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