Analysis: I Never Grow Without A Little Hitch

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I Never Grow Without a Little Hitch Three years ago, I dropped out from a science program of the most famous high school in Thailand just to come back to my old school where the science program had more of art-oriented students. I wished to keep my options open for both art and science. Ultimately, I have never regretted coming back to my old school, for I know now that it is my true passion to create and design. After days of trials and errors and rich experiences, in other words, one long road to self-discovery, I have made up my mind to be a fashion designer. I longed to grow up being part of all the wonderful and marvelous possibilities the world has to offer, for which I had reason to get up in the morning. Although I did well in physics and mathematics, I could not imagine myself leading one contented and productive life choosing these paths. On the other hand, I enjoyed drawing figures and dresses, but I was not particularly confident that my skills were enough. There were lots of rooms for me to improve; my eagerness was immense. As a result, while my friends were taking classes in science and math, I was experimenting with fashion design. I took pattern and sewing class and fashion design class at the Alliance Française Thailande. Not only did I want some basic knowledge in fashion design, but I also wanted to confirm if my decision was right. I was the youngest in my class of 10 and the only one who was still in high school. I had a mixed feeling: I was glad

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