Analysis: If I Had Won The Mexican-American War

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Texas was not always a state, in fact, in 1837 it was its own country after it won its independence from Mexico. Once there were 60,000 inhabitants in Texas they created a request letter that was delivered to Washington D.C. to determine whether they could become a state. For many years Texas was denied because of Andrew Jackson 's greediness towards winning the vote of the northern states for his reelection. It wasn 't until 1845 that Texas became admitted as the 28th state of the United States. My life would be distinctly different when compared to the life I would live if Mexico never took Texas. If Mexico had won the Mexican-American War, not only would it change my life entirely but the lives of 28,797,289 other inhabitants changed.
In my opinion, Texas would become an undeveloped state of Mexico if they still retained control of it. The main issue with Mexico was not a lack of resources or a well-equipped army, but the people in power and how the country was ruled. In the 1800s Antonio López de Santa Anna governed Mexico with an
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The life in this underdeveloped country would be a nightmare for me and many others. the cultures of Mexico would not be infused well with the ones that had already existed in Texas. In fact, Texas wouldn’t be characterized by people as a group of cowboys living on ranches that all say “Yee-Haw.” Most likely people from Texas would have become accustomed to Mexican cultures in the 1800s, changing how people describe Texans to this day. It would be hard to imagine the possibility that I could be living in a poor neighborhood, barely making it through the day. Becoming a part of the United States has impacted my life significantly by giving me my ten amendments, by giving me a free education, and by giving me a home with everything I need. Overall, the United States has provided countless options towards being the best individual I can be in the land of opportunity. Remaining in Mexico would only lead to a life of struggle and
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