Analysis Lab Report Spinach Leaf Chromatography

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The first part of this lab was to get a chromatography, spinach and a quarter. The next step was to draw a line of the chromatography and rub the spinach leaf on it with the quarter. After this, the next step was to place the chromatography paper inside the tube and allow the solvent to rise to the paper. The final step was to remove the paper and mark the spots where the colors had shown up as they would disappear soon after. By doing this lab, it was possible to see all the different accessory pigments as well as the chlorophyll. The distance a pigment traveled on the chromatography paper all depended on the affinity and solubility of the pigment. If the pigment had a high affinity and low solubility, then it would remain near the pencil…show more content…
The accessory pigments, xanthophyll and carotene in this case show up on the chromatography. The reason to as why these pigments are not as prominent as the green is due to the fact that there is an overwhelming amount of green compared to the other colors. Not only that, but the main purpose that all these pigments serve is to absorb sunlight. All the colors of sunlight that the pigments absorb are the one that is not visible to a person’s eye. This is because the plant uses all these colors of light and the ones that are not absorbed is reflected. This makes it visible to a person’s eye. All these pigments are so important to photosynthesis because they essentially starts the process. This would only be because without sunlight photosynthesis would not start and the pigments get the sunlight. In addition, a pigments function is not only to provide color for a plant, it also has other beneficial uses. Specifically, anthocyanins. Besides providing color for a plant it also seems to healthful benefits. For example, protection against liver injuries, reduction of blood pressure, improved eyesight, preventing different types of diseases, and

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