Analysis: Lessons From The Moral Geography Of Inuit

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According to the article, “Community, Obligation, and Food: Lessons from the Moral Geography of Inuit,” Nicole Gombay states that “our tradition, traditional way of life, it’s communal, like, we lived in communes. Our society, Inuit society originally was, can I say ‘communist’? … But, communism to many people, it’s wrong and bad. But in some other cultures it’s a necessity” (Gombay, 237). In deed, as a freshman at St. Olaf College, having a roommate is a necessity. It is a requirement for first year students to live on campus and live with someone. As a college student, I think it necessary to get along well with your roommate. However, the biggest misconceptions is that your college roommate freshman year is going to be your best friend.
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