Analysis: Love Makes You Do Tremendance Things

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Love Makes You Do Tremendance Things
(Three messages from Federigo 's Falcon)
“Do what you love, love what you do, and with all your heart give yourself to it”(Bennett). Giovanni Boccaccio, an italian author wrote the story Federigo 's Falcon, this story is about a man named Federigo and he has been in love with this lady for years, but she shot him down and marries someone else. Her husband dies and leaves her and her son alone. Her son gets sick and before he dies he asks for Federigo 's falcon. She then asks Federigo for his falcon, but Federigo didn 't have any food to serve to her and kills the bird to serve to her without knowing that 's what she originally came here for. Federigo’s Falcon betrays many messages such as, questioning if this story is truly a love story, do people have to give up what 's most important to them to be truly in love, and money isn 't everything.
The story Federigo 's Falcon is questioned to be a love story because of the actions that Federigo does for this love. In
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In Federigo 's Falcon Boccaccio presents the message that money is not everything. “She doesn 't need your money. Even a penniless fool like you can make her fall in love with you. That 's just miracle”(Chow). This quote presents what is happening in the story. Federigo has lots of money when he presents his feelings to the girl he loves. She chooses someone else over him that is not rich. When Federigo is no longer rich she comes to him and remembers that she loves him. He asks her why didn 't you love me when I had money, why do you love me when im poor? And she tells him that money is not everything. She didn 't want him because of his money, she wanted him for who he is. John Ruskin, an American writer states, “A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.” Money is not always what people want in relationships. Just like Federigo and his girl, she didn 't want him when he had all his money. She didn 't
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