Analysis: My Life As An Undocumented Immigrant

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A better life, a new opportunity, and a safe living environment are the main reasons why the immigrants left their home; however, they had a hard life in the new country. According to Michael Jones-Correa, outsider and insider are the two categories of immigrants, and the differences between two types of immigrants are legal identity, common language, and social acceptance. In the article, “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant”, Vargas is an outsider in that he does not have a legal status in the United States whereas he is an insider in that he get the social recognize. In the novel Book of Unknown Americans, Alma is an outsider because she lack of common language and social acceptance in the United States even though she has a legal identity.…show more content…
Michael Jones-Correa claimed that having a legal citizenship is the prerequisite of being an insider. For instance, Vargas went to the D.M.V office to apply the drive’s permit, but he was rejected by the officer because his fake identity. Also, he attempted to get an internship in The Seattle Times, but as a result of his undocumented status, he cannot apply the internship. What's more, Vargas was experiencing the danger of being deported because 800,000 people were expelled from the United States within two years. Vargas did not get what he wanted without the proper documents, and he felt himself was rejected by mainstream
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