Analysis Of 1984 By George Orwell

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You are a parrot. I am a parrot. Everyone is a parrot until one thinks, starts being selfish, self-preocupied and cares for himself; not for a bureaucrat. A bureaucrat can be the boss, not a leader, which means he orders and we execute. We are the ones that damage society by being, parrots and believe everything the bureaucrats tell us. That system can be easily identified in George Orwell’s astonishing book, 1984. Orwell speaks out his mind about the future. He believed that in 1984 would be like that. Who would have imagined that his book is not just a prediction of the year 1984 but in fact, his book reflects the society in which we live nowadays? Many of his predictions in 1984 don’t just appear in that year, but also in 2016. Since 1984 until nowadays society is and has being on a long journey towards its own death. George Orwell was right to predict a future as he does in 1984. It’s a future full of terror, hate, lies that hunts not those who are in power, but to the hardworking people in the country. Adult’s perspective changes, kid’s perspective changes. It is not only the adults who are suffering but the kids are changing and that is something important to remember because after all, the kids are the future of this word. The kids are an important part of the world. They are supposed to always be faithful to their parents, and a father should always have the loyalty of a son. In 1984, George Orwell describes a society in which the kids go against their parents. In
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