Analysis Of A Blond Ray Of Sunshine

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Author Notes
1) This is the second story in a series. 'A Blond Ray of Sunshine ' is the first. You can choose whether or not to read that first — it 's totally up to you.
2) All general replies (“nice story”, “can 't wait for the next chapter”) are cool, and welcomed, and appreciated. I love hearing all feedback so feel free to drop me a short comment! Constructive criticism is very much encouraged; I 'm always looking to better my writing and make each story more entertaining and engaging. If you notice any errors — grammar, punctuation, plot — please do bring them up. You have the power to help shape this story into something even better!

Thanks in advance for giving this story a read. I truly hope you enjoy it!


Kanto 's neighboring region of Johto, like any prospering nation, thrived by continuously founding new settlements. New towns and cities allowed people from far and wide to settle down — to call Johto 'home. ' Fern was one such town.

Existing for nearly four decades, Fern Town was quiet and quaint. A home of over seven thousand people, it was situated just to the north of Azalea Town. Its small neighborhoods surrounded by the lush of vibrant green forests made it an attractive prospect to those looking to live a bit closer to nature. Wild Pokémon inhabiting the woods visited frequently, becoming acquainted with the townsfolk.

Most of the roads were simple dirt pathways. New stores and small buildings popped up constantly. The town 's school and large

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