Analysis Of A Boy Named Sue By Allison Nimmo

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As for “A Boy Named Sue” by Allison Nimmo, it was a sweet story all in all. As for the overall view, I really liked how it started out talking about how Sue was this tough guy with a soft name, and then toward the end it was said that he was going to name his own child a tough guy name because of his experiences with his own name. This story was very well planned out in my opinion and each of the elements flowed together rather nicely. Firstly, I really liked the setting at the beginning. I could practically see the “neon lights” and the “honkytonk”. I also liked the authenticity of the character Sue. From his “beer stained leather jacket” to his “bruised , scabbed knuckles”, he was a tough country boy through and through, especially through his speech patterns. The dialogue of Sue and his father was perfect in my opinion. I’ve heard a lot of people around Tennessee talk like that, so it’s very genuine. I really liked the line “I ain’t oughta do nothing”. It was good for the southern accent she was aiming to achieve. The fight scene was also well done. There was a whole paragraph dedicated to the fight and I like how she took the time to write it all out in detail. It helped to make the scene feel well-paced and more realistic. I like that the fight was included also because of the fact that it had been talking about how Sue had gone his whole life fighting people who made fun of his name. It tied the story together. The only thing that bothered me was the amount of time

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