Analysis Of 'A Generation Losing Hope' By Thomas Hardy

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Life is filled with chaos and disappointments. We as people lived and still live in a society that lost and continues to lose hope and faith in new accomplishments for the world as well as the countries individually. Many countries lose faith in what their country stands for as a whole. For example, Frank Ryan, a pastor as well as a publisher, wrote the article, A Generation Losing Hope:The Shattering of the American Dream, informing, “It is time that we demand that our nation re-establish its moral compass.” The article mentions how America has lost its sense of hope and the moral of the country. Another country that actually fell, most likely before the United States was even a country, was England. The country lost its empire and this lead England’s people feeling as if there was no hope. Literature became trendy during the time because poets and writers wrote their feelings and emotions about society’s crash. One of which was a poet, Matthew Arnold, who wrote about individuals isolating themselves from one another and from society itself. Another poet, Thomas Hardy spoke of society in a rather different way, in which he elaborated his personal views of life. Arnold wrote Dover Beach, and Hardy wrote The Darkling Thrush as well as “Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?”. All three poems relate to a subject ending; furthermore, Arnold’s poem relates to society losing faith, and Hardy’s poems speak of losing faith and also about remembrance. All of the writings were
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