Analysis Of A Man Called Ove

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When reading the book A Man Called Ove, I jumped to conclusions too quickly. Judging people without knowing them is a cliché theme, but the author wrote the story beautifully. The main character brings a lesson about Community and family. He makes us realize love is crucial for being happy, and people can change. The author of A Man Called Ove is Fredrik Backman. Ove, a 59 year old man, is the exact definition of a grumpy old man. For those who don’t know him, Ove seems impolite, but there is more to Ove than meets the eye. When he was young, he suffered a great deal of casualties: as a child, Ove lost his mother and his father departed this world when he was sixteen years old. During those days, Ove did not live a happy life. As time passed, Ove became accustomed to being a lonely man and he created his daily routine. However, when he met the woman of his life his life changed drastically. Ove lived a happy life for a short period of time, however, things don’t last a lifetime. In a trip to Spain, on their honeymoon, Ove’s wife suffers a miscarriage caused by a bus accident. Not only that, but beyond even that she lives the rest of her life in a wheelchair. After years pass, his wife also dies, which results in Ove living in loneliness, again. However, his life Changes when new neighbors stroll into Ove’s life. The author heavily focuses on memories. In fact, half the book consists of Ove’s memories. If the reader did not obtain a glimpse into the character’s
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