Analysis Of A Musician Of Many Cultures By Yo-Yo Ma

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A Musician of Many Cultures is from the National Public Radio 's, NPR, This I believe series. in a world were the population of multiracial individuals is steadily increasing, not only is this essay is inspiring, but it is relevant as well as important for the next generation to be exposed to material similar to Ma 's essay. In his essay, A Musician of Many Cultures, Yo-Yo Ma summarizes his personal beliefs. He explains how a persons background and ethnicity does not define who you are, but your choice of expression can. His essay is primarily about his path to acceptance, which shaped who he has become today.

In the beginning of his essay, Ma explains his fear of having to choose a single culture out of three he has assimilated to once
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According to new census data, The number of multiracial children has escalated over the past decade. As a result in the upsurge of interracial marriages and couples, there has been a cultural shift in creating a more multiracial society (Morello). Morello even mentions that census statistics on multiethnicity show a country that is advancing towards the construct of race superiority and racism all together becoming obsolete. Multiracial youth is even acknowledged as the fastest growing segments in the united states (McCubbin). Although mixed-raced children are becoming more socially acceptable, multiracial children still face significant challenges. public discomfort in recognizing interracial marriages and multiracialism results in discrimination which could further result in a multiracial child having low self-esteem (McCubbin). It is noted that some multiracial children have even identified as single-raced in an effort to "fit in". Collin in an article about raising multiracial children asserts that acceptance is the best way for a Multiracial child to thrive. Recent research has shown that multicultural children that embrace their ethnicities do not suffer with low self-esteem (Collin). Children who are confident with being multicultural tend to be high achievers while having a strong sense of self and tolerance of diversity. Research has shown that children with a true multiracial or multicultural identity generally grow up to be happier than multiracial children who grow up with a "single-race" identity. (Collin.) Collin even recommends surrounding a multiracial child with access to material relating to multiculturalism and presenting examples of multiracial individuals that are positive role models can be helpful in a Childs path to accepting their

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