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The study attempts to check the style of William Faulkner in his story A Rose for Emily. The story is talking about the tragic life of the character Miss Emily Grierson and presenting her personal conflict which is rooted in her southern identity (Meyer,1996: 56). This paper is going to adopt an integrated approach of language and literature in its analysis. Thus, the present study is going to adopt the stylistic model of short (1996) for the purposes of linguistic analysis. The focus of the study is to show and analyze the following themes: given vs. new information, definite and indefinite articles, deixis, value-laden expressions and endophoric vs. exophoric references. The discussion and results of this paper present how Faulkner 's language is used in away to show the complexities in the main character 's life so as to reinforce the reader 's understanding of the different narrative features in the story: characters, themes, setting, structure , symbolism, and intertextuality. In fact A Rose for Emily represents a typical southern woman whom victimized by the conventional system of the South and patriarchy. 1 Introduction The is paper focus of this study is on the style of es on William Faulkner 's style in one of his short story ies "A Rose for Emily". The language of the text provides a variety of stylistic features that may affect the readers ' understanding of Faulkner 's themes, characters and setting leading to a better appreciation of the story.

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