Analysis Of A Rose For Emily

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“A Rose for Emily” written by William Faulkner, is a story about the main character Miss Emily. Told by the narrator the story starts off with her death and then skips across the pastime over the memories of when Emily was alive. The story goes over five different section of time, starting with the death of her father. When her father died leaving her all alone and single at the age of thirty, the town began to pity her. This is when Colonel Sartoris remitted her taxes so when the Board of Alderman shows up to her rundown house she refuses to pay taxes. The story then jumps to another time frame, describing to the reader of a time where a terrible odor was emitting from her house. At this point in time her father has died, and her lover has left her. The townspeople did not want to upset her so they sneak to her house and sprinkle lime to try to help the smell. The narrator also reflects on Emily’s aunt going insane, and compares the insanity to the time Emily refused to believe her father was dead. Until three days after his death she finally turns his body over for burial. The narrator next describes how Emily meets her lover Homer Barron, as he is hired to work repairing sidewalks. As their love affair continues the town seems against her being with him, as he is below her station. She is also seen at the drugstore buying arsenic, which she gave no explanation for. The town thinks that she will kill herself with it, they almost seem supportive of that decision. One day
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