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A Seat at the Table, Album By: Solange Knowles A Seat at the Table is a musical memoir of Black Girl Magic, with a fist pump of empowerment! The album is a tone setter by the Grammy award winning songstress Solange Knowles. It has many levels of Solange displaying her boldness by addressing current social issues that were lawfully unjust, politics, and racism that our country faced during that time in 2016. Solange has a sound that serenades our ears with her sultry falsetto voice. A Seat at the Table has so much truth and compassion that it leave’s our minds to the curiosity of what will she say next, and the admiration that she had the balls to say it at all. A Seat at the Table is Solange’s third solo album, and she did not fail her critics and supporters when she dropped the album on September 30, 2016. The 21 tracks on the album all have harmonious elements of sound that Solange hat has identified from a feminist and radical point of view. She starts the album off with the song, “Rise” which is an introduction of empowerment that tells us to walk and fall with courage, but have the strength to get back up and Rise again. She has the Grammy award winning song called “Cranes in the Sky” that is full of soul with a soft falsetto sound but strengthened by meaning, and relatable lines like, “I tried to keep myself busy, I ran around in circles, think I made myself dizzy, I slept it away, I sexed it away, I read it away”. This song points out how we try to avoid issues

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