Analysis Of A Visit Of Charity By Eudora Welty

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Midterm Essays “ A Visit of Charity”, this short story written by Eudora Welty, follows a Campfire girl, who must become acquainted with a resident of an old folks home, in order to earn points towards a badge. Upon entering the room of the objectified women she feels a vast sense of dampness which in turn sets the mood for the rest of the story. These elderly women suffer from constant infighting which causes both the reader and the Main character, Marian, increasingly uncomfortable. As the situation progresses the elderly women become increasingly agitated therein leading Mariam to rush out of the damp room the women are housed in. In “A Visit of Charity” Welty uses characterization and imagery created within narrative to create a mood that leaves not only Mariam, but the reader feeling vastly uncomfortable. The imagery used throughout this story is in a very successful attempt to create a comfortable air itself. In this piece creates a lasting affect in the form of the uncomfortability of the reader. One example would be the description of the hallway on lines 36-39, "There was loose, bulging linoleum on the floor. Mariam felt as if she was walking on the waves." This imagery creates a level of decrepitude that disrupts the reader 's ability to sympathize with any of the characters looking at the women as nothing more than objects used by Mariam to earn only 3 points to her score. The tone of this story is actually directly attributable to both the actions of the

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