Analysis Of A Wrinkle In Time

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Written and published by Madeleine L’engle in 1962, “A Wrinkle In Time”, tells a story love and acceptance. The book begins in a stormy night, in Meg Murry’s attic bedroom as she is thinking to herself what a monster she is, she doesn’t do well in school, wears braces and large glasses, and will pick a fight with just about anyone who makes a mocking comment or crack on her “dumb little brother” or her “disappeared father”. Still she knows better than to believe such rumours, her father had been sent on a top secret government mission, and although her brother took more time than most to talk, when he did he used full sentences that were grammarly correct, as not to mentioned, he always seemed to know what was on her mind, and in nights such as these he would come up and lay with her till she fell asleep. Just as Meg is thinking this a thunder falls nearby and fear beats the best out of her. She carefully goes down the stairs to the kitchen to find her little brother sitting in the table with his legs dangling, though Charles Wallace several years younger than Meg, she talks to him as if they were the same age, as they speak their mother joins in. Meg feels ashamed when compared to her mother, her mother is not only beautiful, she is also a great biologist. Suddenly there is a knock on their door, and they open it to see an old lady with a considerable amount of clothes wrapped around her. According to Charles Wallace, she is one of the three old ladies that live in the
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