Analysis Of Aaron Copland's Ballet 'Rodeo'

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For my final paper, I have decided to analyze the piece "Hoe Down" from Aaron Copland 's ballet, Rodeo. Rodeo is a upbeat piece that is a celebration of the American west and reflects a specific picture we have of ourselves. Rodeo originated from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, with the music composed by Copland and the dance choreography by Agnes de Mille. The Ballet had it 's premiere at the Metropolitan Opera House on October 16, 1942. The ballet 's scene starts at Burnt Ranch where a cowgirl is competing with other visiting "city" girls for the attention of some local cowboys, like the Head Wrangler. Copland used a combination of two square dance tunes called Bonyparte and McLeod 's Reel, to present an uplifting take on the American

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