Analysis Of Abduction By Peg Kehret's The Awakening

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In the book Abduction by Peg Kehret, Ruth is one of the characters, and is remembering her old dog Max. She is having these memories since she now has a new dog, and is taking care of him. This is creates a mood since Ruth loved her old dog and is grateful to have another one. The mood that is being created is excitement.
I can tell that she is excited since she says “It'll be good for us to have a dog again.” From this you get the feeling that she is very happy about the dog, and she thinks it will be good for her and her husband. Another thing that Ruth says is “We'll go on walks everyday whether we feel like it or not. Monty will keep us limber.” By saying he will keep us limber, she is trying to think of the good reasons to have Monty,
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