Absolution By Patrick Fllaney Analysis

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In “Absolution”, by Patrick Flanery, the reference made to Clare 's gardens is significant for the reason that the difference between these gardens symbolises the guilt Clare feels for the disappearance of her daughter Laura and the death of her sister and brother-in-law. These gardens also portray the development of Clare 's character throughout the novel and the development of her relationship with Sam Leroux, the man writing her biography. Clare struggles with the idea of the new South Africa not being as democratic as it is supposed to be, as well as black crime, this is evident through her reluctance to move to her new house after a home invasion.

Clare feels that she is guilty for the disappearance of her daughter Laura and for the
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When Ms White, the police investigator in charge of the home invasion, speaks to Clare, it is revealed that Clare is still seen in a superior position and this makes her uncomfortable, throughout the conversation Ms White provokes Clare and as a result she loses her temper. Ms White also refers to Clare as foreigner and says that Clare “remains unchanged by the experience” as she is privileged and white. Clare disagrees and makes a point in proving that she is not superior, nor a foreigner, however this conversation suggests insecurity in Clare around the topic. Clare feels insecure in the new house, as she also feels about being a foreigner and about Black crime. The house has high walls and other security features that Clare did not want, this once gain shows that she fears black crime and the new South Africa and that she does not have control. She is afraid to tell Adam what to do in the garden as she does not want to seem superior to him.

In examining the two gardens, it is evident that Clare is not moving forward in finding absolution in her life and that she will always feel guilty for abandoning her children and family. The new garden portrays that Clare is not in complete control and she fears the new South Africa, however Sam and Clare 's relationship
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