Essay On Academic Procrastination

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Source Analysis In the short reading, Putting off Until Tomorrow What is Better Done Today: Academic Procrastination as a Function of Motivation Toward College Work by Sheila Brownlow and Renee Reasinger focuses on the personal behaviors and motivation types behind procrastination among college students. Procrastination as a whole is known as the purposeful delay of the start or completion of a task. However, there is a difference between chronic procrastination verse academic procrastination. A chronic procrastinator will have trouble preforming everyday roles and tend to feel more discomfort within themselves. Those who chronically procrastinate will often experience higher levels of stress and anxiety in and out of the academic setting, when it comes to the completion of a task. As to academic procrastinators who typically just do the minimal, like studying late for an exam or waiting until last minute to turn in an assignment. There are two main reasons for academic procrastination found from the study provided in the text, one task avoidance and two fears of failure. Task avoidance occurs when either…show more content…
These problems occur due to disruptive behaviors. Slow or unhurried behavior can happen for different reasons such as; seeking perfection in all areas of work, the fear of failing, feeling the “rush” to completion, or to simply just avoid the task all together. There are many behaviors and attributions that one has about themselves. One of the most common self-defeating behaviors that procrastinators come across is self-handicapping. Self-handicapping allows for poor performance due to external actions. The known purpose behind self-handicapping is to protect the self-image and earn short term benefits by using external attributions as an excuse for the incompletion of everyday
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