Analysis Of Adams Ability To Achieve The American Dream

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In 1931, James Truslow Adams first defined The American Dream by writing that “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone,with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” regardless of social status or birth circumstance. The American Dream may still be possible, although much more difficult to achieve for some because of one 's income inequality, lack of education, and even race or gender- these all determine the ability to achieve this “American Dream”. Although this dream may take many different forms for many different people, yet it is the same concept. People strive to achieve their dream to be more successful than their parents and income inequality has been on the rise for decades thus,becoming much more difficult to achieve the American Dream. Income inequality leads to unequal access to opportunity and resources like education. This has left children born to poor families with little hope of achieving their American dream. The gap between wealthy and poor is increasing and slowly middle class is diminishing. With so much ridicule and judgment it is becoming difficult to send their children to school, or even receive high school education. Because, our society believes that people who are not born here are not entitled to …show more content…

In today 's society not every person has equal opportunity. In 2005, gender pay gaps rose from sixty percent to eighty percent, since then the pay gap has remained unchanged. Every person should have an equal opportunity in, education, work, and even being able to life in the what we call “free world”. Working towards their goals has become something that is not even achievable in certain gender, races or even class statues. Unfortunately, inequality in gender and race are some of the reasons that the American dream is slowly

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