Analysis Of Address On Indifference By Elie Wiesel

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In his essay “Address on Indifference” Elie Wiesel gives the reader his thoughts on being indifferent. Wiesel talks about how being indifferent is morally wrong. According to Wiesel, Indifference, then, is not only a sin, it is a punishment. He states that being indifferent can cause pain to others. Wiesel gives us three ways why being indifferent is morally wrong. In his first point, Wiesel argues that even though indifference can be tempting people should try to avoid that temptation. People think it is much easier to look away from a situation rather than to get involved. They feel like they have no business getting involved in others personal life and if they do then it could become awkward or troublesome. In reality, an indifferent person’s life is meaningless. Wiesel gives an example about how…show more content…
The author explains, for those people who do stuff that harms other becomes cruel. There are many reasons why people behave like this, the reason might be lack of happiness, etc. The author provides examples or some evidences, when Hitler killed millions of Jews and soldiers for just to become powerful, or when Gandhi, Martin Luther king, etc were assassinated in front of their eyes for doing that no one could imagine. Those examples tells us why this world needs more educated peoples to run a group or community for a good reason. I agree with Wiesel because we see this in communist countries. In these communist,there is a dictator who decides what is best for the country. Hitler acted as a dictator during the holocaust. He made all the decisions for the country. Since he hated jewish people he made sure the country hated jewish people. This caused the jewish people to hate them. Since Hitler was a dictator, only his say mattered. From this I learned that when a leader is indifferent it can cause others to become
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