Pestel Analysis Of Macro-Caribbean Restaurant

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In business organisations, there are very small numbers of departments and marketing is one of them. Marketing introduces organisational goods and services to the customers. The sales and profit of an organisation largely relies on the activities of marketing. Dynamic marketing team makes sure that the sales are high and it yield profits as well. Usually, large organisations spend a lot of money in marketing activities and this assignment represents the business report of Afro-Caribbean restaurant consisting of marketing strategic options and marketing environment (Template, 2011). LO1.1: Marketing and the elements of marketing process.
Marketing: A large number of theorists define marketing in diverse ways. Jon Jantsch stated
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Deficiency of predictability: in market orientation, product development is actually tough due to the fact that different customers have different choices (Template, 2011).
LO2.1: To be able to produce a “marketing Novice” for Afro Caribbean Restaurant in Manchester City Centre, Market Street, we need to use PESTEL, Porter’s five forces which analyses Afro Caribbean’s micro and macro environmental factors (Thompson, 2001), Segmentation, Targeting, Buying Behaviour, and Product Positioning.
Macro environmental factors: are the factors which are not close to Afro-Caribbean restaurant but it possesses a long lasting and devastative impact on AC restaurant. Macro environmental factors control the threats and opportunities of AC restaurant. They are factors such as political, economic, demographic, cultural, technology and natural (Template, 2011).
We need to use PESTEL analysis such as political, economic, technology, environmental and legal factors to analyse the environmental factors for our Afro Caribbean Restaurant in Manchester City Centre, Market Street (Thompson,
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There can be change in EU directives which will be detrimental to our Potential Afro-Caribbean Restaurant business. The directives may bind or prohibit the exports or imports of foreign products to the UK. There may also be an increase in VATs, tax and import tariff which may affect Our intended Afro-Caribbean Restaurant because it will business relationship with Africa, Jamaica, Caribbean, Asia, and other third world

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