Analysis Of Ai Weiwei's Iconography Of The Coco-Cola Vase

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Ai Weiwei has it both ways: everything he might do sets off a whirlwind in both governmental issues and expressions beats in real media outlets around the globe. His fame as an artist talk around his craft. Never Sorry follows the change of a disputable Chinese craftsman into a global symbol of difference. This move, which started with Ai 's prominent denouncement of the Beijing Olympics after he composed the celebrated around the world "Winged animal 's Nest" stadium, That work raised with his examination concerning the preventable passing’s, especially of youthful youngsters, in the Sichuan seismic tremor of 2008. The topic of whether he is a craftsman or dissident is perpetually far from being obviously true and at last overlooks what 's…show more content…
Before comparing the iconography of the Coco Cola Vase, we need to really understand the composition and make-up of the item. The Vase is old and dates back to many centuries ago. An old vase such as The Coco Cola vase before labeled was very sacred and not something you would just find lying around the vase could have been passed down from generation it generation. By adding on the Coco Cola label he has destroyed that image and made worthless to the people who still follow the tradition, but gave the Chinese who are suppressed by the government a voice and is introducing change. The Coca Cola Vase by Ai Weiwei shows the difference between modern art work and preservation. In this piece of art work Ai Weiwei is arguing that the more traditional works of art on how his people are force to stay within their traditional ways and submit to their government. The Coca Cola Vase and the Lumassu, Khorsabad in Iarq, have many similar iconography and differences. In one sense both the Vase and the sculpture hold a traditions share by the ancestors of those time. Within both culture these symbols represent a government which has control of their people in one way install fear in there is change. In fact the Lumassu sculpture was created install fear in those who walked in and remind them who is in charge. The vase on the other hand does not install the fear in the same manner. The fear of the government come very suudden and quite almost as if forbidden to exist. It more of a weight on the more modern culture of the Chinese people to respect and value the same tradition that their ancestor value and not break away. Breaking away or altering the vase in any way is disrespect and can be view to be very rebellious and can get you

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