Analysis Of Alexis De Tocqueville's Democracy In America

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Alexis de Tocqueville penned Democracy in America after he spent month America in the 1831, where he witnessed a new democratic system. He found it’s concepts to have unique strengths and weaknesses that he believed could be the inspiration for the new government of post-revolution France. The concepts of limiting individualism, encouraging positive associations, and moderating the tyranny of the majority that Tocqueville observed during his trip in America helped build as well as maintain the new democratic republic built after the revolution. As soon as America became from British rule, their groundwork for their new government that was accessible to it’s citizens helped cement them as a true democracy since it contended with individualism. Tocqueville noticed that after a successful democratic revolution, people tended to isolate themselves and focus their personal interests since there was no longer a common goal to fight for. This divide is capable of making a new democracy vulnerable to egoism as well as despotism because of the general increase of apathy from the general public. However,…show more content…
He believed that in a true democracy where everyone has equal social standing and powerful, despotic figures have been eliminated, making civil associations is an essential way to gain influence. Civil associations also has a mutual relationship with political associations, feeding each other by bringing together people of all social circles. Tocqueville also found a strong connections between both civil and political associations with the newspapers of America, as the country's associations grew, so did the amount of newspapers. He believed that the increase of newspapers was due to the decentralization of America’s governmental administration since local legislators needed to be aware of current political
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