Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

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The movie of “Psycho” is a horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This movie released on 8 September 1960 in USA. Director Alfred Hitchcock, which is "The Master of Suspense", he pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres and he has produce 59 movies in his life, more than 300 series drama. In his films, he likes to focus in stress, anxiety, voyeurism, fear of the dark side of human nature, with elaborate plot and excellent actors acting occupy psychology of audience. His film is different from the modern horror films, now a day horror film will directly show the bleeding scene, but Hitchcock horror films are using exist between human. Although his film not all are horror movie, his movie will still let human think and imagine deeply. Now a day, people are still hold a positive attitude towards and respect him. Hitchcock film was to show the audience the deepest horrors of humanity and the most abnormal ideas (Annon, 2012).…show more content…
The camera entered to a most secret part of the Bates house- the mother bedroom, Norman’s bedroom, the basement store room. It shows that, the Pandora box of Norman will be opening soon. Lila knows that the old lady has illness so she think she can handle it, but the audience know the most dangerous people are Norman’s mother, so when the tension reach its highest point, the climax, the audience attention are put in waiting the moment of the truth (Annon, 2007). The director used pull back shot and cross cutting in the scene when Lila hiding at the basement stair, the music is gradually combined with the scenario. Lila feels something inside that door, a place that very dark, even a hint of light. From the crowded store room panning to the other door which Norman hiding his mother. The background music and the footsteps sound effect plays the scenario become more nervous and anxious. When Lila found Norman’s mother, her expression when she saw his mother is a death person and with only bones, no eyes, skinny body; it give the creepy to audience. The light bulb play a very important horror effects and the ear piercing music and screaming, bring the audience to the story quickly. Anthony gives an excellent psycho acting there. Development of the story and the performance of the character are attracted audience expectation and
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