Analysis Of Alice Walker's The Temple Of My Familiar

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Alice was born in Eatonton , Georgia, where she learned the value of looking within the hidden spaces off human experience. Walker graduated from High School as a Valedictorian of her class and in 1961, she entered Superman College. Walker completed her studies at Sarah Lawrence College and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1965.
On 17th March 1967, she married Melvyn Roseman Leventhal, a Jewish civil Rights lawyer.
Although Walker gained some measure of success as a writer during her marriage to Leventhal, the pressures of racial prejudice prevented many readers from appreciating her creative geniuses Walker’s concern for spiritual wholeness and cultural connectedness completely ascended the Physical in her fourth novel, The temple of my familiar (1989), a story that takes the reader into a time before the apparition of physical perfection and ownership began to dominate the mind of humanity. In her novel ‘The temple of my familiar’, Alice made use of different themes such as Racism and slavery, Oppression, depiction of black women. It is said that’ The temple of my familiar’ is an extension of the color purple in terms of themes. The various themes will be detailed in the second part.

African American literature

It is defined as a literature written by American of African descent. The first published works of African American literature came about in the Eighteenth century, at a time when the United states was just coming into being and when nearly recognized

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