Analysis Of All Eyez On U Poem

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Truly successful poets have the ability to convey their own thoughts and makes us think deeply about things in life without having to tells us to do so. In the poem “All Eyez On U”, Nikki Giovanni does just this. Through the use of stylistic elements such as diction,details, and imagery, Nikki Giovanni shows her dislike of the white race, blames, and shames the white race for supposedly killing Tupac, forcing crime, and framing the blacks.
Giovanni uses diction to aid her political statement by over using words such as us,them and they referring to the blacks as us, and the whites as they. Giovanni starts the poem off stating that she is restlessly thinking why “2Pac is not with us”(Giovanni 3) [emphasis added]. Additionally she states “if those who lived by the sword died by the sword there would be no white men on the earth” [emphasis added] (Giovanni 4). She put these lines back to back to distinguish a difference between us being the blacks, and the white men clearly being the white race.She later says that they being the white race killed Tupac for some sort of political action because he was a leader in the black community. She makes this obvious by stating “This is some sort of political action and they picked well/they picked the brightest freshest fruit from the tallest tree”(Giovanni 32/33). When she says they in these quotes she is clearly referring to the white race because she explicitly stated on line 4 that the white race lives violently and they are also the
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