Analysis Of All Quiet On The Western Front

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In All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) film, it does depict the feelings, living conditions, and combat experiences of the World War 1 soldiers. The film shows how the soldiers lived during the World War 1, there might have been a very few slightly different details between the film and the lecture notes. Although, the film does give the audience an accurate image of how the living conditions were for the soldiers during the war. In All Quiet on the Western Front it shows the Germans and how their living conditions were. At the beginning of the film it shows how Germany is a prideful country because they held a parade as a celebration for their soldiers that were going out to fight for their country. In the scene All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) it displayed the feelings and combat experiences through out the whole film but mainly of those students that were encouraged by their professor to join the army and go fight in the World War 1. A few of those students that soon became soldiers were very scared of the thought of going to war, but it is clearly shown that they felt peer pressured by their friends and classmates. Many were excited to go fight for their country, although many did face a lot of bad experiences and most of them did not make it through the whole war due to infections and getting killed during combat. The lecture notes that were presented in class over the World War 1 were accurate to the film in the way that it shows how life in the trenches was

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