Analysis Of All Summer In A Day By Ray Bradbury

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You’ve probably heard of Disney World, and the large, elegant sphere called Spaceship Earth that looks over one of its most famous parks, Epcot. But what you most likely don’t know, is that the design of Spaceship Earth is thanks to one man, Ray Bradbury. Born in 1920, Ray Bradbury spent much of his life writing short stories that contained influential lessons about current world issues. His writing style consists of substantial amounts of figurative language and often takes place in the future, giving him the nickname of the “Father of Science Fiction”. Bradbury’s writing style can be seen in all his pieces, especially in two of his most famous short stories- “All Summer in a Day” and “The Pedestrian”. “All Summer in a Day” takes place on Venus, where the Sun shines for only two hours every seven years, heavy rains tormenting the planet the rest of the time. The protagonist is Margot, a nine-year-old girl that is very different from her peers because she had witnessed the Sun. Margot lived the first half of her life on Earth, and because of this, is often bullied by her classmates due to jealousy. “The Pedestrian” is very comparable, with the main character, Mr. Leonard Mead, also being considered “strange” in his community. It takes place in the year 2053, where all humans have fallen under the control of technology, basically becoming couch potatoes. However, Mr. Mead is able to hold onto his humanity, taking evening walks on the vacant roads. For this, he is labeled as
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