Analysis Of Alwyas 'Isolationist Nonresitance'

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This artilce had a very strong point to make, they cliam that many people fall into this " isolationist nonresitance" which the author cliams that they silently ignore or gladly profit from injustice as long as they are not put inot a simlilar situation. The authpr also uses a quote from gandi that really came out to me. He stated " if the only two choices are to kill or to stand quitetly by doing nothing while the weak are oppressed and killed then, of course, we must kill." I feel this quote is so powerful ,because we see so much injustice around the world , but we do not alwyas see the injustice in our own country or system. The author also uses an example of how fifty percent of children die before the age of five, but at same time in other
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