Summary Of American Jezebel: The Uncommon Life Of Anne Hutchinson

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American Jezebel: The Uncommon Life of Anne Hutchinson, the Woman who Defied the Puritans is a biography of Anne Hutchinson written by Eve LaPlante who is a direct descendant of Hutchinson. The book follows her life and gives some insight into the lives of people she was surrounded by. As the book progresses, the reader can better understand who Hutchinson was. It begins with Hutchinson being summoned at her trial at the courthouse in Cambridge, Massachusetts for heresy and sedition. The men of Massachusetts accused her of being possessed by the devil and using witchcraft. “Enemy she was, though, indeed the greatest threat Massachusetts had ever known.” (LaPlante, 1) Hutchinson held weekly gatherings in her house where a group of women would discuss scripture. The meetings…show more content…
As the trial continued, Hutchinson justified her actions with scripture while Winthrop insisted on correcting her. In his mind, and in the mind of many, women were not to speak publically, should be silent in church, and should seek guidance from their husbands (LaPlante, 40). Their arguing continued until Simon Bradstreet stood up to announce his support for women’s meetings, but he also explained why Hutchinson should stop holding them. After Bradstreet spoke, others did too. Thomas Dudley then spoke up about the heart of the issue he has with Hutchinson. He had heard that she had told people that only John Cotton spoke on a covenant of grace, while other ministers spoke on a covenant of works. The courts tried to use this statement to convict her, but without proof, they were just words that she denied saying. The trial ended the first day and would continue in the days following. Her witnesses from the previous trial were brought up, the last of which was John Cotton. After Cotton spoke, Anne stood up and spoke passionately and with scripture about her revelations from the

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