Analysis Of An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

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The events of Ambrose Bierce’s “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” all occur with in the last few minuets of Peyton Farquhar’s life. Subtle shifts in narration are present but often hard to detect in this work . The first section of “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is written exclusively in objective point of view with omniscient narration . Whereas other parts are written in first person, told from Payton Farquhar’s point of view, resembling that of an interior monologue. These shifts in narration are key in furthering evidence the disassociation Farquhar has with his situation. “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” opens with an objective description of the situation, “A man stood upon a railroad bridge in northern Alabama, looking down into the swift water twenty feet below. The mans hands where behind his back, the wrists now bound with a cord”. Bierce uses vague word choices to describe the predicament such as “A man” as apposed to using the mans name. Moreover, the reason for this macabre scene is not revealed until section 2. By using words and phrases that distance the “man” from his situation the author is also furthering the interest of the reader as to what has happened thus furthering the suspense. The narration briefly shifts to first person in section 1 before returning back to omniscient for the last few paragraphs in section 1. “He looked a moment at his “unsteadiest footing” then let his gaze wander to the swirling water of the stream racing madly
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