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Spiders are the most important predators of insects. Spiders have been used to control insects in apple orchards in Israel and rice fields in China. Even though spiders are important to controlling insects in certain areas they can be found almost everywhere all over the world. Not only are spiders important to farmers for controlling insects they are important to the Akan people. The most important being a spider named Anansi who is a West African god who holds all the knowledge of the folktales and stories. It was thought that Anansi was originally founded from the Akan people in Ghana and from there the stories spread through West Africa. Anansi was important to the West African culture and parts of the caribbean for being a clever, selfish,…show more content…
There is a play about how clever Anansi is and the name is “Anansi, The Clever Spider”. The play tells the story of a "brave" spider 's desire to bring stories into the world and the difficult challenges he faces achieving his goal. Anansi must battle the python, outwit the tiger, protect himself from the hornet 's sting, and endure a frustrating encounter with Mmotia, the bad-tempered fairy. In addition, he even has to deal his critical mother-in-law! Throughout it all Anansi thinks himself clever, but in reality, it is only with the help of his wife Osa, who is really the clever one in the family, that Anansi is able to achieve his dream. In this physical, fast-paced, humorous play the message from the Sky God to Anansi applies to us all: when you share stories, you are richer for it. There is another story about how Anansi tricked god and in that story god gave Anansi an empty sack and said, "I have something in mind; figure it out and bring it back to me in the sack." Anansi asked questions, but God would give no further clues as to what that "something" might be. Anansi was puzzled so he left heaven and went down to Africa. He then overheard some birds talking and one said “How was Anansi to know that God wanted the sun and the moon brought to him in a sack?" He then went to fetch the sun and moon. He went to the python, the wisest of all creatures on earth, and asked how one…show more content…
Most North American children learn moral lessons through cartoons and story books, however, in the Caribbean, they learn these lessons through folktales passed on to them by their elders. They admired his cleverness and his ability to use cunningness as a survival mechanism. Anansi was a well respected folktale to the African people and was also passed to the Caribbean region. To this day, Anansi stories still play an important role in storytelling and the formation of morals in most Caribbean islands. While the context of many of these stories have inevitability been altered to fit the various cultural traditions and practices inherent to the different Caribbean communities, the core elements, such as the animal/human like nature of Anansi, his intelligence, trickery, wisdom and character flaws, all remain the same. Thet admired him for his wisdom and intelligence while at the same time, they feared the outcome of his deceit and trickery which made him a hero and a

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