Analysis Of Andrew Jackson's Speech

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This source has significant value to historians but, like any other source, has its limitations. Andrew Jackson’s motivation to remove the Cherokee from their homeland originated from an avid persona to benefit the Americans. The speech analyzes Jackson’s motivation, and specific plans to remove the Cherokee. In consideration of the speech being written in 1830, the audience can learn how Jackson was rather harsh towards the natives in order to benefit himself and others. This is evident with Andrew Jackson’s actions and his presumptions of the Natives. However, this source has significant limitations due to Jackson’s motivation in removing the Cherokee, historians cannot be fully assured Jackson included all facts behind the removal. For example, many of the benefits Jackson mentioned in his speech specifically regarding the Cherokee benefiting from removal hardly seem plausible. This calls into attention Jackson’s integrity and honesty throughout the entire speech.…show more content…
He achieved this by purposely neglecting the true horrors behind the removal of the Indians. Andrew Jackson portrayed the Native Americans as less than equal. The purpose of Jackson's speech was to justify his motives in moving the natives and to also convince congress that it was both beneficial to the Natives and the Americans. The source has value because it gives some insight into Jackson’s effort behind his motivation. Based on his purpose of speech, it can be learned that the relationship between the Natives and Americans was only beneficial for certain necessities. However, we are limited to what Jackson has implemented in his
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