Analysis Of Angela's Ashes By Frank Mccourt

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Ireland suffered in various ways throughout the 1900’s. Blights, wars, diseases and economic despair all played a significant role in regard to Ireland 's prolonged depression. These factors seemed to have an everlasting effect on the family structure and lives of Ireland’s people. In particular, Frank McCourt was an Irishman who was inevitably influenced when forced to survive throughout these conditions. Through his novel, Angela 's Ashes, McCourt portrays the underlying effect of Ireland during a time of despair. The book has many prevailing themes, which are shaped by the settings relationship to the family. The setting of the book ultimately influences the choices and lifestyle of the McCourt family, specifically Frank, in many ways.…show more content…
Living conditions were far from sanitary because neither the families, nor country could provide a safe environment. Exposed to dampness, hunger, and an infestation of fleas, Frank and his family suffered this lower class stereotype both physically and emotionally. Throughout their time in America, because of their Irish descent, the McCourt’s had an established history of inadequate living conditions. Due to the lack of heat in their American home, and the dampness that occurred because of it, Frank’s family encounters the loss of baby sister Margaret after she develops pneumonia. “Bed, Dan! What am I to do in bed? Her little face is there day and night, her curly black hair and her lovely blue eyes. Oh, Jesus, Dan, what will I do? Was it the hunger that killed her, Dan? (McCourt 40). Margaret 's death was undoubtedly the result of the living conditions and lack of food caused by the McCourt’s impoverished circumstances. Frank, because of his adolescence, experiences mixed emotions of both sorrow and confusion. He is oblivious to the loss that is bestowed before him. At a young age, it is hard for Frank to connect his family’s loss with the conditions he is surrounded by. However, as the results of poverty and their class struggle become more common to Frank, the image of death is transformed into a common
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