Analysis Of Anne Frank's Good At Heart

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According to Anne Frank, all people are good at heart. But is that really true? Well, the truth is, that not all people are good at heart. Furthermore, The people Anne was referring to as “good at heart” were the individuals responsible for the mass murder of the innocent Jewish people. Additionally, The Jews were forced out of their homes, had their businesses taken away, etc. for no valid reason except for their religion. And finally If everyone was good at heart, then the fighting and bickering occurring in the Annex wouldn’t have come about.
The persons Anne was referring to as “good at heart” were the ones responsible for the mass murder of the innocent Jewish people. In a quote from the Diary of Anne Frank play, it states, “Dussel:
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for no reason except for their religion. If people were really good at heart, then the circumstances for the jews wouldn’t be like this Another quote from the play states “Annes Voice:They forced father out of his business. We had to wear yellow stars. I had to turn in my bike. I couldn’t go to Dutch school anymore.” To put this quote differently, All the Jewish people were discriminated and got treated unfairly. They were kicked from their homes and jobs, had to give up land, and even had to wear yellow stars to signify that they are Jewish, just because of what they believe in. And according to Anne, these people are “Good at heart”. It doesn’t make sense. On, the text states “This culminated in Kristallnacht, or the “night of broken glass” in November 1938, when German synagogues were burned and windows in Jewish shops were smashed; some 100 Jews were killed and thousands more arrested.” This quote shows the extent of how Jews were treated. I can’t imagine how the they were feeling at the time. It 's not even like they did anything, they were innocent. Once again, if all people were good at heart, then people wouldn’t be discriminated because of their race, religion, etc. Another quote on states “Meanwhile, beginning in the fall of 1939, Nazi officials selected around 70,000 Germans institutionalized for…show more content…
If everyone was good at heart, then the fighting going on in the Annex wouldn’t have happened in the same manner that occurred in the play. This point is often overlooked because it is less severe than the other too, but it is still very important and notable to why Annes quote is wrong. A quote form the play says “Peter: Father says he is going to sell her fur coat. She’s crazy about that old coat.” To elaborate on this quote, The people in the Annex are not acting “good at heart” in this situation. Mr. Van Daan is trying to sell Mrs Van daan’s coat for cigarettes and he know that the coat means a lot to her. If Mr Van Daan was good at heart, he would consider his wife 's feelings and wouldn’t sell the coat. He already took all of Mrs. Van Daans other valuables and now he’s trying to sell something given to her by her dead grandfather. To add on to my point, this next quote states, “Dussel: “Thanks to this clumsy fool there is now someone who knows we are up here!” In this quote, Mr Dussel blames the loud noise on Peter. Peter did do it, but it wasn’t necessary to call him out for it. If he was good at heart he wouldn’t have done this and just tried to address the situation. This quote makes Mr. Dussel look like a jerk even though he is actually nice. This is all because of World War 2 occuring in the background. My third and final quote says, “Dussel: Every night she twists and turns. I don’t sleep.I spend half my night shushing her. And now it 's nightmares!” The quote
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