Analysis Of Arne Duncan's 'Bloody Sunday'

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Arne Duncan’s 45th Anniversary Speech revealed startling statistics and sad facts. It caused people to remember why Bloody Sunday was a gross protest of inequality. Though it was violent and cruel, Bloody Sunday is still an important part of our history. It allowed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to be passed, which was essential in achieving greater equality. In the evaluation, I will specifically be evaluating Duncan’s use of emotionally charged language and parallel structure. One instance in which Arne Duncan used emotionally charged language, was in the first paragraph. In this paragraph, he states “A nation wept with shame when state troopers savagely beat John Lewis and several hundred peaceful protesters with clubs, lashed them with bullwhips, and stung their eyes and throats…show more content…
The overall pattern of the sentence is similar and stays consistent. It affects your emotions by setting goals to bring hope to students that don’t receive the treatment that is deserved. Another example of parallel structure within the speech is, “And with your help, your commitment, and your courage, we will all cross the bridge that leads to true equality. Our children, and our nation, deserve no less.” The pattern of the structure is the use of “your” and “our” before each item that is listed. This influences your thoughts and feelings by implying that it is the responsibility of you to bring about equality. It is a reminder that voting, sharing your ideas, and stating your opinion, still affects the circumstances of the

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