Giles Corey The Crucible

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Imagine having to go through a severe test or trial that will change your life drastically. That doesn’t usually happen in our small town in Northwest Iowa. We live our daily life, go to school, go to work, go to church, eat, sleep, and repeat. That is anything but what happens to John Proctor in the book, The Crucible by Arthur Miller. He has to go through a severe test of who he is and what he stands. That test can change his whole life. This book is called The Crucible because of all the little crucibles, tests, and trials with in it. All of the trials the characters go through can also be related to the real world today. One reason that Arthur Miller named his book The Crucible is because John Proctor goes through his own personal crucible.…show more content…
While also in the court room Elizabeth told John about the ending to Giles tough trial, she said, “He were not hanged. He would not answer ay or nay to his indictment; for if he denied the charge they’d hang him surely, and auction out his property. So he stand mute, and died a Christian under the law. And so his sons will have his farm (Miller 84).” Giles Corey is an old, wise, and strong man in Salem. His own crucible starts when he first wonders what his wife and is reading and why she hides it from. Later in the story she gets arrested for witchcraft and Giles sort of blames himself for that. In the last part of the book Corey is questioned about who else he knows that is involved with witchcraft and if he is involved with witchcraft. The authorities try and torture the information out of him but like the quote said he did not talk he stayed mute. Giles life is put on the line between life and his faith. Just like John he chooses his faith but in a more arrogant way. When they are pressing him into the ground with stones and ask him a question he did not answer and simply said, “More weight (Miller 85).” He then died and died a Christian man under the law. Giles Corey and John Proctor both went through their own trials that contributed to the name of the book. Crucibles or trials or tests that they went to…show more content…
Obviously the young man that shot up the school was going through his own personal crucible that somehow led to him being very depressed and in the wrong mindset to make him shoot up the school. Because of that young man going through his own trial, the school has to deal with his actions and go through their own crucible. 17 innocent people died because a sad young man was going through a crucible. Many people knew the one that died and now have to grieve their deaths and live the rest of their lives without people they love, which a trial in itself. Large, public, sad crucibles in our world today have a domino effect because they don’t just affect one person; they affect people related to them. Crucibles are just sad horrible events sometimes that we can’t control that have bigger repercussions than we
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