Analysis Of As Sports Fees Rise, By Heather Boyle

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It seems that governments in the United States are having difficulties meeting the needs of the people with the current resources allotted to them. Government has the task of disturbing revenues to programs that act in the public interest. At times, programs, such as education, are underfunded. Schools then confronted with the challenge of funding beneficial with insufficient revenue and finding alternative methods of funding. More often, we are seeing schools asking students to bare the financial burden in order to participate. As a result, Heather Boyle decided to bring an awareness to a circumstance that is occurring in school sports through her article “As Sports Fees Rise, A Young Athlete Learns That If You Can 't Pay, You Can 't Play”. In her narrative, Boyle expresses the difficulties she confronted growing up in poverty and meeting the financial burden felt trying to participate in school athletic. Furthermore, she conveys some of the effect pay to play is having is having as a whole now and possible future implications. Boyle, makings further use of her writing opportunity, to addresses the possible changes to policy practices that may perhaps give under privileged children the occasion to participate in athletics. Finally, Boyle concludes the article with the benefit athletics has left her with and her feeling of sadness…show more content…
Boyle could bolster her argument for the ending of pay to play for the under privileged further. She presents the monetary cost of obesity in support. However, an additional mention of the increased prevalence among teens that become obese adult could add further support. According to National Center for Health Statistics (2015), the obesity prevalence had almost doubled since 1988 among children 12–19 years of age (p. 99). Boyle then strengthens the proposal by present a cost issue that is increasing. Additional, Boyle could at this point reference life experiences learned thought athletic that may have helped her manage a healthy

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