Analysis Of August Wilson's Fences Troy Maxon

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" August Wilson’s Fences, Troy Maxon, is a tragic hero"

The question of the tragic hero has raised several issues as well as criticism mainly on the

modern-day plays. With many of the scholars trying to interrogate the subject of the tragic hero

on modern-day plays, many have managed to do so in their unique ways. Similarly, it is

imperative to note that such debates and discussions on the subject of the tragic hero are not a

new discussion around the literary realm. The contemporary talks emanate from the premises set

by the early scholars and philosophers. One such philosopher is Aristotle. His concepts of the

Tragic hero is articulate and shed more light on what the modern - day literature laureates define

as the tragic hero.

To begin with, Aristotle gives a very comprehensive understanding of who a tragic hero

character in plays. He asserts that the real and ideal tragic hero is the one charged with the

mandate of making the audience feel a catharsis at the end of the play and make the audience

experience cleansing sessions after watching or reading a play. The catharsis experienced by the

audience is as a result of the twist and turns of the protagonist trying to do well. However, at the

end of the play the tragic he always falls and in even under some circumstances die as a result of

their flaws (Kennedy, 2016). In essence, according to Aristotle the plot of the play that sees the

tragic hero going through
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