Analysis Of 'Banishment In Touching Spirit Bear'

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Banishment, is it an effective way to discipline a criminal offender or a waste of effort?

To begin with, Banishment serves the purpose of keeping away the person being banished from causing more danger or risks to the community. By banishing the offender, it could protect the society as the offender could not do anything more to damage the community. Banishment also serves as a punishment, very much like custody. Cole Matthews, a character form touching spirit bear by Ben Mikaelsen, was banished into an island. Cole was always left to his own thoughts; having all the time in the world. Banishment isolates the person from the rest of the world leaving them in a state of cogitation. Also, banishment doesn’t send the person to be secluded from everyone and be dispirited. It is to
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Banishment doesn’t always work and goes as planned. Reputation makes a person and having one that identifies you as a reckless, and impulsive person would certainly make some proud of it and continue to associate, if not, with even more people involved with crime. In Touching Spirit Bear, Cole had earned the reputation of an arrogant and rude youth delinquent and he was very proud of it. It made people scared of him, which made Cole feel powerful. Banishment also tries to rehabilitate them back to the society but that rarely works. Rehabilitating an offender back to society is a hard and almost impossible job because of their criminal status. There’s no way to deny the fact that people are very judgmental, so it denies the opportunity of reforming the wrongdoer. Another reason as to why banishment isn’t always the punishment someone receives, is their safety. Since nobody is really there to watch over the criminal it’s hard to keep track of his or her actions and safeness. Cole Matthews was almost killed when a bear had attacked him. It would put a threat not only on the person, but also to the people responsible of the
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