Analysis Of Banksy's 'The Descent Of Man'

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This picture by Banksy displays a gabble of pigeons picketing a migratory bird and demanding that it 'go home '. Darwin wrote about the strength of the migratory instinct in birds claiming that in some cases it is even greater than the maternal, that mothers flying south will leave fledglings behind in their nests to die. He describes, in The Descent of Man, the misery of caged birds that will beat their wings bloody against the bars when the seasons change.(1) Are we to infer that what Banksy depicts is the clash of two natural instincts? Where does prejudice come from? How old and deep are the roots of this conflict? In Genesis its written that God divided the world in two for the sons of Adam. He gave dominion over the land to Cain. That of the beasts to his brother Abel. Following a hard days toil in the fields Cain came upon Abel lying down, carefree and idle. In a fit of jealous rage Cain murdered him. Abel comes from the Hebrew word 'habel ' meaning breath, a reference to his transience, Cain comes from 'kanah ' meaning ownership or subjugation. Viewed by some as the prefigurement of the martyrdom of Christ, himself a traveller, this ancient parable illustrates the prejudice and violence of agrarian communities toward nomadics, and suggests violence has existed since the two diverged.(2) 'Cain 's City built with Human Blood, not Blood of Bulls and Goats '(3). Culture is often arbitrary and influenced by traditions distinct to a different time. We are
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