Analysis Of Barry Schwartz's 'Tyranny Of Choice'

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In “Tyranny of Choice,” Barry Schwartz brings to the table the topic of choice. The common believe is more choices, equals more freedom. Under that assumption we are living in the best times then. Everything in the world has multiple options to choose from. The choices range from what type of gum you want, to the best life insurance policy for your family. Schwartz uses the modern university for his example, he likens it to an intellectual shopping mall: “Individual customers are free to ‘purchase’ whatever bundles of knowledge they want”. Some universities let incoming freshmen sit in on classes briefly to test them out, the way one would try on clothes at a store. On the surface this seems amazing, how could anyone not be happy…show more content…
A Maximizer does a lot of research on everything before they buy or choose anything. Going over reviews and prices trying to find the best option regardless of the extra time spent. Then if they are unhappy with their choice, because they did all that research, and the fact that they didn’t get the best options displeases them. Accordingly, this causes them more stress and depression. Oppositely the Satisficer is the person that sees thirty different jam options, then chooses based off some arbitrary reason. The Satisficer doesn’t concern themselves with the weight of options. They deem their choice good enough a “could be better, could be worse” kind of attitude. So, with that knowledge, I would say our burden of choice and depression mostly fall on the Maximizers. The added mental stress of the choices on every level of their life. The mental inability to be happy with their choice or to choose whatever. This makes me think, can someone really ever make the perfect choice. The right selection varies from person to person, so even if you’re happy with your choice, a friend could find something wrong with it. This paper made me feel sorry to the people that are slaves to their choices. Thankfully, I fall more on the Satisficers side of the spectrum. Recently I bought a new car, I did very little research and made my choice quick. Since then I have noticed trivial things I didn’t like about my car. I will notice them in passing and give it two seconds of thought. If I were a maximizer this would cause me endless stress. This being only one small facet of my life. I could see how a maximizer’s life can get overwhelming with the burden of never ending choices. Consequently, this leads to an overall decrease in well-being. It is said money can’t buy happiness, well if you side with Barry Schwartz then that’s right. The increase in affluence which leads to an increase in choice, does not lead

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